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Brinell Int’l Partners, Inc. maintains a pool of well-trained, highly-skilled and qualified workers and professionals to enable us to properly match our employees with the requirements of our client companies.  We are committed to providing only the best-qualified workers for our clients’ job requirements.  With this in mind, we continuously replenish our manpower pool with the most qualified, putting them through intensive training so as to upgrade their know-how. Brinell Int’l Partners, Inc. aims towards attaining satisfaction equally shared among our clients, our employees and ourselves. 

Brinell Int’l Partners, Inc. provides Human Resource direction, technical assistance, training and labor relations. Employee relations and re-contracting services are being provided to ensure long-term employment of our deployed workers. We consider the Filipino workers and professionals that we place overseas as part of our family, thus, we provide assistance to their own families particularly during, but not limited to, emergency situations. We aim to be always responsive to the workers’ welfare.

Brinell Int’l Partners, Inc. has the capabilities of providing top of the line training for various specialized skills through partnerships with world renowned and recognized expert training facilities.


The initial step is a job order prepared by the customer indicating the type of expertise being sought, qualifications and experience required, the number of personnel  required per position, the location of employment and the terms of employment.  This should be sent to us at BRINELL INT’L PARTNERS, INC. at Room 504 Doņa Felisa Syjuco Bldg. Remedios St. cor. Taft Avenue Malate, Manila, Philippines 1004

Upon receipt of your job order, we will assemble from our database a list of personnel who meet the customers specifications.

The customer will arrange for and send notice of the approval of visa(s) to be issued to our workers.

We will arrange to complete all the necessary documentation for the deployment of the candidate(s).

Finally, we will conduct a pre-departure orientation to help prepare the successful candidate(s) for their new job environment and ensure his adherence to the departure plans.

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