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Brinell Int'l Partners, Inc. is a manpower placement agency based in the Philippines specialized in international and local placement of well-trained, highly-skilled and certified Filipino workers and professionals into various fields such as Aviation, Energy (Oil & Gas and Nuclear), Medical/Healthcare, Accountancy and Finance, Engineering and Operations, Information
Technology, to name a few.     As  a Manpower  Placement Agency, Brinell Int'l Partners, Inc. is duly licensed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration ( POEA-022-LB-020415-R ) under the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) of the Philippines.
Brinell Int’l Partners, Inc. aims towards being recognized as the best, most reputable Human Resource company dedicated to professional excellence. Thus, we guarantee to provide our clients with competent engineers, technicians and other skilled workers in their respective fields of specialization, capable of producing high-quality services based on international standards.

Brinell Int’l Partners, Inc. guarantees full compliance with all laws and rules applicable in the Philippines as well as with those of the countries we send our people to.


The Philippines is an excellent source of professional and skilled manpower since the population is highly literate, with the medium of instruction, especially in the tertiary level, being English.

The great majority of Filipinos are bi-lingual, proficient in both written and oral Pilipino (the national language) and English.  Oftentimes, you will find Filipinos conversant in a  third language owing to the ability of and ease in learning other tongues.

The Filipino is hard working and adapts easily to various situations. Therefore, it is this trait, as well as the proficiency for English, that are, in large part, the reasons numerous multinational companies have set up offices  in the Philippines.  In fact, two fast growing industries here now are the Call Centers and Medical Transcription.


The initial step is a job order prepared by the customer indicating the type of expertise being sought, qualifications and experience required, the number of personnel  required per position, the location of employment and the terms of employment.  This should be sent to us at BRINELL INT’L PARTNERS, INC. at Room 504 Doņa Felisa Syjuco Bldg. Remedios St. cor. Taft Avenue Malate, Manila, Philippines 1004

Upon receipt of your job order, we will assemble from our database a list of personnel who meet the customers specifications.

The customer will arrange for and send notice of the approval of visa(s) to be issued to our workers.

We will arrange to complete all the necessary documentation for the deployment of the candidate(s).

Finally, we will conduct a pre-departure orientation to help prepare the successful candidate(s) for their new job environment and ensure his adherence to the departure plans.